Kirk Mechar

Wild tropical storms, endless ocean horizons, and overflowing flower gardens are the inspiration for Kirk Mechar's vibrant paintings. Layer upon layer of thick, colourful paint and small precise shapes coalesce into a glittering whole. Mechar's most recent series explores interesting combinations of materials, including the pairing of marble dust and acrylic paint. This amalgamation creates an interesting mosaic of patterns, which appear to form organically. The paintings also contain fragments of figurative elements, that seem to be pushing through the white space, contending for attention and requesting to be discovered.

Kirk Mechar deploys an intoxicating blend of pigments to create abstract canvases that push the boundaries of form and space. Inspired by tropical weather systems, his work depicts gardens and flowers, water and the phenomenal deluge of tropical storms. Rendered in Nevis, West Indies, Mechar’s paintings are charged with the lushness of the Caribbean’s foliage. Mechar builds-up his canvases with abstract forms creating a tapestry that engulfs the viewer. Like kaleidoscopes twisted again and again, Mechar’s paintings poses a hypnotic – even psychedelic quality. Enigmatic in subject, the works might capture pollen, petals and stoma. They could just as well depict a garden teaming with life captured from an aerial perspective. No matter their inspiration, Mechar’s compact configurations contain an indefatigable sense of heat and wildness. Mechar recreates spaces humming with life on an epic scale. Thoroughly captivating, celebrating nature and life, his compositions have an ethereal effect that spans millennia in time and space. Kirk Mechar has exhibited at the Edward Day Gallery in Toronto, as well as Buschlen Mowatt Annex, Vancouver, and Nancy Moore, New York, NY. Between 2002 and 2008, he lived and worked in Nevis, WI. He currently divides his time between Canada and Nevis, W.I.