Navillus Gallery proudly presents ICONIC, a group exhibition featuring the work of Toronto-based artist, Kestin Cornwall, and collaborative art-making team, the 5 STooGES.

iconic extended

Toronto – 10th  July – 30th August 2014 – ICONIC  is now extended until the end of the month!

ICONIC features the work of Kestin Cornwall and The 5STooGES, an artist and an artist collective who both harness pop culture aesthetics to subvert and undermine hegemonic society with a biting wit. ICONIC brings together two art-makers who humorously create contemporary Pop art that is indebted to street art and the production processes of Andy Warhol’s Factory.

Also included in the ICONIC exhibition are works by French artist Francoise Nielly.

ICONIC is sponsored by Steam Whistle.

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Kestin Cornwall

Kestin Cornwall explores the relationship between art, human rights, politics, sex and freedom to create relevant and progressive art using a varied practice of painting, wheat-pasting, screen-printing, installation and drawing. Cornwall cites as influences his environment and experiences, as well as old comics, Street Art, Asian, Egyptian and Sri Lankan culture, and pop culture. Each piece is an analysis of our obsession with beauty, age and change, depicting American, Egyptian, and Sri Lankan symbolism with contemporary techniques.

Kestin Cornwall lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. He completed the Art Fundamentals and Illustration programs at Sheridan College, Oakville, where he began using unconventional materials and producing large format work, and combining classical drawing and painting with modern digital reproduction and screen-printing techniques. Cornwall has exhibited in Canada and the USA, and he had a solo exhibition at Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto (2012). He has been featured in group shows, including at Lee’s Gallery, Los Angeles (2010), INDEXG Gallery, Toronto (2012), SMASH, Toronto (2008), and has been involved in projects such as  the “Tribute To John Michel Basquiat” show at Revival, Toronto (2004) and the “T.O.P Tour Life Styles Edition” at Yves Laroche Gallery (2006).

The 5 STooGES

The 5 STooGES team mines iconic images from popular culture. The team’s collaborative approach explores shifts in values and how the manner in which we read images has evolved over the course of the past century. Inspired by the Factory-process pioneered by Andy Warhol, the team collaborates to create Pop Art. The members of the team – THE COLLECTOR, THE CRAFTSMAN & THE DESIGNERS are each specialized in a specific facet of artistic production.

THE COLLECTOR has culled images of Old Masters and Victorian paintings from his own collection, catalogues and databases. The collector’s knowledge of the historical context for the artworks, allowed the team to understand the themes inherent within the artworks. Often relishing macabre undertones in the work, the collector drew from the subtext, contemporizing once subtle notions with an acerbic wit.

THE CRAFTSMAN a wry and elusive artist deployed a “street” aesthetic with a punch. He processed pigment prints of paintings and vintage photographs, deploying a bold aesthetic to create artworks with a Pop Art-flare. Inspired by Banksy’s satire, MBW’s (Mr. Brainwash) style and Warhol’s method, THE CRAFTSMAN, a fine art restorer and cabinetmaker for over twenty years, has created an iconic series of artworks.

THE DESIGNERS are alumni of Ryerson University’s New Media program. They processed vintage photographs and reproductions of fine art to create The 5 STooGES’ polished aesthetic. They repaired or drew out cracks in old artworks and worked to give them a contemporary veneer.

Francoise Nielly

The colors and fast, obstreperous rhythm of Francoise Nielly’s paintings are inspired by urban life. She thrives in dynamic and edgy environments, drawing from their energy for her work. The synergy of colors, the fusion of people in a hurry amid the haunting juxtaposition of light and dark, public and private, one’s self and the others around, penetrates her works. For her, painting is an “intense experience, desirable and formidable. It’s a combination of conflicting and complementary internal movements; excitement, anxiety, pleasure, vertigo, attraction, doubt and acceleration.”

Francoise Nielly was born in Marseilles in France. She has lived in Vancouver, New York and many other European cities but has now settled in a studio in Monmartre, Paris. Her work has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Singapore, Miami, Barcelona, Monaco and Montreal. It has also been presented at the Palm Beach International Art Fair, AAF London, the Moscow Art Fair and numerous other international venues.

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