Christie Lau and Kirk Mechar

Running from: November 18 - December 16

Navillus Gallery is pleased to present Christie Lau and Kirk Mechar’s Reflect:Tropic, with selected small to large size paintings and sculptural pieces. The two artists find their inspiration within nature; however, they explore their mediums in drastically different ways.

Inspired by her travels, documentaries and research discussing biological diversity, Lau hopes to excavate realizations about the human condition by working with themes surrounding genetics, evolution, and ethology. Employing a range of techniques to relish the complexity of her subject matter and intricacy of natural forms, in her Replicator Series, Lau focuses on the survival solutions of the epiphyte plant in the rainforest in Tortugera National Park.

In a series of new work, Lau represents human’s vanity with a mirror surrounded by narcissi and different species of birds. The work derives from Gordon G. Gallup’s Mirror Self-Recognition test, to discover if humans were the only beings with a concept of self. The only bird to recognize itself is the Eurasian Magpie.

Mechar, activated by tropical weather systems, often depicts gardens, water and the phenomenal deluge of tropical storms. With a balance of turmoil and pattern, Mechar’s work remains too intense and perplexing to turn the viewer away. He creates the impression of a turn on a kaleidoscope, posing a hypnotic and psychedelic quality to his paintings.

Lau graduated in 2010 from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. Lau has worked as a “Copiste” in the Louvre in Paris. She has also created scientific illustrations for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA. Lau has been working as an artist and exhibiting in group shows in Toronto and Pittsburgh, PA for the past 10 years.

Kirk Mechar studied design before committing to studio work. He has exhibited at the Edward Day Gallery in Toronto, as well as Bushlen Mowatt Annex, Vancouver, B.C. and the Nancy Moore Gallery in New York, NY. He is currently represented by Navillus Gallery in Toronto and divides his time between Canada and Nevis, W.I.